Rewrite Beautiful is one very awesome non-profit with a mission to change how girls see beauty in themselves using street art, art workshops, campus clubs, art shows and public outreach to prevent eating disorders. It was started by Irvina Kanarek one crazy-creative woman who wanted to simply prevent this disease from taking more lives.

The idea behind Rewrite Beautiful is that you would learn to see beauty in peoples actions ; CREATIVITY, KINDNESS and STRENGTH. Cause face it, whether you think you’re hot or not, at the end of the day everyone is going to get old. Everyone is going to experience guys not turning their heads on the street to look at us. If we don’t like the way we act; the way we treat our family, friends and ourselves, then sooner or later we’re gonna be pretty miserable and ugly.

The vision of Rewrite Beautiful is that you would start to see beauty in yourself and in others differently; the way you share your time, care for your friends, the non-profits you give time to, the art you create and the good battles you fight… If this sounds like a vision you would like to share, then PLEASE DO! There are so many way you can!  You can invite Rewrite Beautiful to come to your school and lead a workshop about body image and eating disorders.  You can join us on Facebook and share our vision with your friends! You can follow us on Twitter and tell us the beautiful actions you’re doing. You can create Rewrite Beautiful Street Art with your friends and post it in your neighborhood. You can buy our T-Shirts and Bracelet’s! There is so much you can do! There is a ton of rewriting to do in our world, but if we all do our part, we just might be able to SEE change happen. So many of us at Rewrite Beautiful already have. Join us!

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