Ashley is Beautiful! This Relationship Editor at Verily in changing how women see beauty in themselves!

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They say, “In New York, you either sink or you swim.” Considering that Ashley is a part of the highly anticipated, rave reviewed, new magazine, Verily I’m gonna guess that Ashley is a swimmer! Verily is an INCREDIBLE magazine for young women who want to make wise choices, build their character and create their dreams! Seriously, I’ve never seen another one like it! Every article I read leaves me optimistic, strong and empowered. As the Relationship Editor of this trend setting mag Ashley, has many looking to her for advice, but by the looks of the strength of her inner beauty, this power house can handle it.

Irvina: Tell our sweet peeps about a fun project you’re currently working on?

Ashley: This summer, I'm so excited to head to Ireland with my sister and speak at an international conference to college students about beauty and healthy relationships! I'm so excited to explore the countryside with my sister and maybe even live one of my dreams - to ride a horse on a beach! But, wish me luck - I have a lot of writing to do before then!

Irvina: Rock on woman! Rock on! I love that you’re giving back this summer and taking time to explore yourself. So important to keep those even! What are you passionate about?

Ashley: I am passionate about so many things. But, in my heart of hearts, I am most passionate about helping women see and understand their inherent worth, and then live it out in thriving, loving relationships with others. For example, I have seen in my own life and in the lives of my friends that sometimes women don't believe they are truly beautiful or truly worthy of love, and so they unfortunately sabotage themselves from having loving relationships or settle for less than they were made for. I would love to see women truly understand how much they are loved by their Creator in a personal way. I would love to see women transformed by this knowledge and be able to truly love themselves and others in healthy, happy relationships.

Irvina: Are you my long lost sister?! Wow! We have very similar passions! I’m stoked to hear that because we’re pretty awesome! What do you do for fun?

Ashley: Fun is the spice of life and New York City has endless opportunities for it. I love finding fun and beauty in the everyday elements of life, from a conversation with friends, to an afternoon spent reading in Central Park with a latte in hand, to a spontaneous trip to a museum or fashion show featuring a new designer. Currently, I am trying to teach myself to play the guitar and learn to surf. But, I'm always up for a weekend trip away for camping and hiking, or an excursion to a new restaurant to check out a great new cuisine - Greek food is excellent!

Irvina: You’re definitely an explorer! Life is so much more fun that way! Whether it’s a hobby, a job or friendships what do you contribute to the world that you’re most proud of?

Ashley: "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans." This past year, I have been swept up in an incredible adventure, working with four outstanding women and dear friends to launch a fashion and lifestyle magazine called Verily. Studies show that after just 3 minutes of looking at an average fashion magazine, women walk away feeling worse about themselves. But, Verily offers something different. It is a fashion and lifestyle magazine exploring how to thrive as authentic, modern women. We are daring to start fresh conversations -- style that complements rather than compromises, real relationship coverage that goes beyond sex tips, engaging articles that surpass tired rhetoric -- to discover the beauty in everyday life through fashion, relationships, lifestyle, and culture. We are trying to combine smart content, inspiration, beautiful design, and real stories that engage women from all walks of life in conversation. We want to present a magazine that speaks to real women - all of the interviews and journalism provide practical and valuable information with interesting perspectives on fashion, relationships, lifestyle, and culture not heard in other magazines. The website also has a blog that is meaty and thought-provoking with interesting tidbits every day throughout the week, too. Overall, we are trying to offer a positive, uplifting magazine that is a breath of fresh air and leaves women feeling affirmed and motivated. It has forced me to grow and embark on new challenges I never would have guessed I would be doing – but I'm holding on for the ride!

Irvina: I love Verily! I have been reading it since it was published and I’m seriously one of your biggest fans! It is like no other magazine I’ve read. Definitely for our generation of girls who want to grow to be strong women of character. Bravo! It’s a beautiful concept! Ashley, what do you wish young women knew about beauty?

Ashley: Women are called to bring beauty into the world in a very unique and specific way. Each woman has a role to play in bringing this beauty into the communities around her, whether through friendship, as a sister or daughter, as a girlfriend, coworker, or wife. Without her contribution, the world will be a little less beautiful. A woman brings beauty into the world through her loving relationships with those in her life - where two people are genuine and real with one another, and authentically helping each other to become the best version of themselves. The best way that a woman can come to understand her own beauty is by entering into a loving and personal relationship with her Creator and receiving His love into her heart, so that she radiates it outwards to others in whatever path she takes in life. Being beautiful is about daily making the choice "Today, I'm going to love."

What about Ashleys beauty inspired you?

Do you want to encourage the women around you to live well?

How would you do it?

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Go, Ashley! We're so honored to have her on the Verily team :)


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