Julie is Beautiful! This artist, writer and spiritual soul is living with only 20 items of clothing for an entire year!

Beautiful Girl of the Week is a series of Beautiful Girls who are stand outs for what they contribute to the world through their beautiful actions!  We feature the Beautiful Girl of the Week on the Rewrite Beautiful blog as an attempt to inspire other girls and women to use their own gifts and talents to impact their communities. Our hope is that bringing positive attention to women’s actions will inspire them to embrace their own creative calling!

Julie is a writer, spiritual director, friend and SoCal girl looking to live outside the siren song of materialism and consumerism. Within the first few minutes of meeting Julie I knew I felt totally comfortable in her presence. As you read our interview you’ll see why. Julie is a confident, loving, earth mama who knows how to get the most out of living simply in this world!

Irvina: Tell our beautiful friends about a fun project you’re currently working on…

Julie: I am working on a blog called The Twenty Pieces Project. My friend Cate and I have committed to wearing only twenty items of clothing for 2012.  It is a little experiment in curating, spiritual discipline, and fashion. Who would think all of those things would go together?!

Irvina: Oh my goodness! I checked out The Twenty Pieces Project and it is incredible! So rad! Having only 20 pieces in my closet would be difficult, but also so freeing! I’m really inspired by what you’re learning from this project! Julie, what are you passionate about?

Julie: I am really passionate about helping people "gain sight."  I think that is the best way I could put it.  We are all so limited in what we can actually see based on our life experiences, family, and culture of origin.  We all need some help seeing, identifying our blind spot, and challenging some ideas that can be quite toxic in our lives.  All of my work as a spiritual director, artist, and blogger has this common theme.

Irvina: I love seeing people weave a common theme into their passions. It just goes to show why we each one of us has our own unique mission! What do you do for fun?

Julie: So many things I do are fun for me.  I love painting, good conversations with friends, cooking, taking walks, grocery shopping at Trader Joe's, visiting the turtle that lives in the pond across the street from my house, and when it is warm enough, swimming in the ocean, sometimes I even get in when it's really cold because I love it so much.

Irvina: Yikes! I can’t stand cold water! You really are a warrior! From bone to bathing suit! What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Julie: Ever!? Oh My. It does not feel crazy to me, but I have been called crazy for co-founding the Twenty Pieces Project and committing to 20 items of clothing for a year.  I was once in a parade in Japan.  I lived in an army tent for a while after Hurricane Katrina while I was there as a long term relief worker.  I decided to pursue being an entrepreneur in a slump economy.  All of those things are a bit crazy. 

Irvina: They sound pretty EXCITING to me! Which action of CREATIVITY, KINDNESS and STRENGTH do you think you most exhibit in your community and WHY?

Julie: I think I am most creatively expressive as a painter and a spiritual director.  Both crafts require me to lean into unknown territory and navigate new ways of communicating my own heart and helping others communicate theirs.  I think there is an inherent kindness in this craft because it is a discipline of giving voice to voiceless parts of the soul, whether mine or others.  This is a way to consider another higher than myself.  When I give space to another to express their heart in their own way, I show them that they are worthy of being known and loved and hopefully they feel loved in the process.

Irvina: I never thought of that particular benefit of allowing others to express themselves. Totally makes sense and is so interesting! Who is the most beautiful woman you know and why?

Julie: The one who comes to mind is a little nun I studied under.  Her name is Sister Barbara.  I studied under her for 3 years and have never met a woman so kind, gracious, strong, loving, and gentle.  It was amazing to watch people open their hearts in her presence.  Her kindness made us all feel so safe and inspired us to live with the same kind of open heart.

Irvina: “Her kindness made us feel safe and inspired!” I love that! And what do you wish young women knew about beauty?

Julie: What I wish young women new is the same thing I wish I knew better.  I wish I knew that inner beauty is more powerful than outer beauty.  Norms of outer beauty are very powerful in their ability to destroy, but inner beauty has the ability to heal and bring back to life what seemed dead.  That is an incredible power!

What about Julie inspired you?

Could you commit to living for one year with 20 pieces of clothing and no shopping?

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April Stumpff's picture
Julie is my younger cousin and, having known her all her life, I can honestly say she has always been beautiful inside and out. She is the epitome of selflessness, compassion, and grace. I am glad to see her featured here in your blog.
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Thank you for your kind words April! Julie is truly a beautiful woman. We are all blessed to know her!


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