DONT SHARE What The Media Actually Does To Women : DO SOMETHING

When I got the idea for Rewrite Beautiful the whole thing flashed before my eyes. The name, the mirror imaged t-shirts and the knowing that we would NEVER BASH THE MEDIA. Here’s why – it’s this person we all have to deal with called, “Me.”  Since, I’m the big, bad gal who came up with this idea to Rewrite Beautiful, everything in our mission, vision and values has to come out of my brain- and my brain is not a big fan of media bashing or media literacy campaigns.

What are media literacy campaigns? They are campaigns to educate people on what the media does to distort our perception of the human body as well as the repercussions on our society. A few popular videos in this genre are:

Dove Evolution, Beauty Pressure, Dove Real Beauty Sketches, Body Evolution Before and After PhotoShop, and most recently, What The Media Actually Does to Women

At the heart, these campaigns and videos have good intentions. I myself have learned from them. However, I am not the average viewer. This is a subject I study and my knowledge surpasses a once-every-few-months-viewer. Here’s my beef, these videos are directed at the average viewer who doesn’t study this subject. The vids do a great job at addressing the problem but none of them spend time addressing a SOLUTION and that is harmful. So what ends up happening is we have millions of people watching and sharing these videos all over the web. The viewing of them creates:

  • Disdain for the media.
  • A false sense of knowledge about body image, eating disorders and marketing which are all incredibly complex subjects that need more than five minutes to dissect.
  • Fosters a misconception that eating disorders are solely caused by the media, which they are not. In fact there are three main causes for an eating disorder; genetics, stress and environment (environment can be the media, but not solely.)

But NO SOLUTION. NEWS FLASH I’m a solution girl. I didn’t start a non-profit because I was bored, I did it because I wanted to see CHANGE. I’ll share with you a little secret I have learned about change, you need to ASK for it. So this is me asking you to help us change. These campaigns just need a little Rewrite Beautiful ACTION to have a real impact. This is what I need you to do:

  1. When you see a media literacy campaign video going viral like the ones above, feel free to watch them.
  2. As you watch the video take into consideration that the subject matter of beauty, body image and marketing is complex. There is not one bad guy in this scenario. In actuality there are several factors that over time created this problem. 
  3. Ask yourself, “What is one small thing I can do to change this?”
  4. If you feel compelled to share this video via techno-communication don’t just share the link but, state one thing you’re going to do about the problem. For example, if I was to post one of the above videos on my own Facebook page I would say,
  • I just watched What the Media Actually Does to Women and I’m inspired to make an effort to stop purchasing clothes from companies that portray human beings as objects. I know my purchasing power is a statement. Starting today, I’m going to try to purchase from companies that do marketing that inspires, empower people in their business structure and gives back, like ever/after clothing.
  • “This video, What the Media Actually Does to Women is shocking. I am so thankful there are magazines I can enjoy like Verily; a fashion magazine that features women of all sizes and have a no air-brushing policy. You should check them out!”
  • “This video of What the Media Actually Does to Women makes me think that the world is going to hell in a Louis Vuitton hand bag. However, it makes me feel better knowing Rewrite Beautiful is out there. This organization teaches girls that their beauty lies in their creativity, kindness and strength. Check out their school programs, their inspiring! Better yet, book one for your local school!

Your voice and your purchases make a HUGE difference in the way the world works. A little thought and effort is what results in CHANGE. I can’t wait to see what ya’ll post! I’ll be watching you ;)

Now here’s the kicker- I’ve been asked to be a panelist at Body Image Problems: Look Beyond the Mirror hosted by the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals - OC. What do you know, there will be a screening of Killing Us Softly 4 right before the panel. Did they pick a black sheep to participate on this panel or what?! At least the panel will be diverse in opinions, which I always love! If you want to join us tomorrow, Saturday December 7th you can get a ticket HERE

What will you do in order to focus these videos more on the solution? 


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