I wasn't aware I had any flaws.

I have a love/hate your guts relationship with you female musicians. On the left coast I love your insanely beautiful creativity. Your ability to make me laugh, cry and look deeper at life all in one album is worth sitting in L.A. traffic for 2 hours and paying for a $80 parking ticket. Zoning…ugh…[I have a blog commin’ for you too Antonio Villaraigosa. It’s called: “Save LA! Build a Subway dammit!”] Sorry for the profanity squeakers…anyway, what I don’t fancy about you female musicians is how you forfeit your creativity when it comes to music videos. I have plans to get all Inspector Gadget and sneak into Jive Records and see the ACTUAL rule book that states, “All female musicians under age 35 must make soft porn music video using 2 gallons of baby oil.” Okay, I’ll give them some slack, they’re beautifully filmed. Stellar videography. Cute kids, hot boys, sexy girls and impressive sexual inuendos that result in actually doing 'it.' P.S. It's not inuendo if you do 'it.' But peeps, I hate to break it to ya, but it’s gettin’ old along with the STD epidemic. Is it too much to ask that everyone hit pause, grab non-fat latte, get some creative and crazy minds together and ‘think-tank’ us somethin’ a little more original with a little less baby oil and bronzer? (By the way I get off of my day job at 1pm Pacific Standard time, just in case you need me.)

 In case you’re still not convinced this will actually make the 7 figures that soft porn makes, you might want to check out exhibit a -  Caitlin Crosby. Homegirl is a phenomenal musician AND human being. Caitlin is using her celebrity to ask people to love their flaws. She is also the founder of www.loveyourflawz.com Check out her music video below. It looks like the kiddo’s like her too. Who knew kids would dig kindness and creativity? Shocker! My favorite is the dude with the sign that says, “I wasn’t aware I had any flaws.” Hottie! Yes, I just said ‘Hottie’. We as in ‘I’ have declared today national “Party like it’s 1999 Day.” Dope, I know.


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Great article. I've learned to live with my flaws and I like the way I am.
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Thanks! I know you guys! You were featured on Red Rover Style! I'm a Rover Contributor for True Beauty! I love what you guys are doing! Keep up the good 'art-work'! You're BEAUTIFUL!


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