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Being a rebellious, hard working and creative chick I was asked to do an interview about how Rewrite Beautiful started with Jay Delaney of Create The Map. Check out our conversation here:

Creator of: Rewrite Beautiful
Location: Orange County, California
Website: Rewrite Beautiful
Twitter: @irvinakanarek


Combining Three Passions Into a Nonprofit

Irvina Kanarek used to have three different jobs: (1) a nanny, (2) and art teacher, and (3) a job at an eating disorder rehab center.  Through each of these jobs – and the juxtaposition of them – she learned that how women see beauty in themselves has a rippling effect throughout their lives, from birth to childhood to adulthood.  One day, in the midst of writing and reading a blog post online, she had the realization to start a nonprofit aimed at telling girls, “Your beauty isn’t in the way you look.”  Irvina launched the nonprofit Rewrite Beautiful to help prevent eating disorders.



“I think every single thing you do, take a look at it.  That’s building on the next thing you’re going to do and building on the next thing you’re going to do.”  -Irvina Kanarek

As she was developing the nonprofit, Irvina had a few key criteria she wanted to stick to. She wanted prevention to be one of her main points; she knew she wanted to use art; she knew she wanted it to be fun; and she knew she wanted it to be something open to people of all ages.  Slowly she began to share the idea with people, and many of her friends could see the passion she had.  (Irvina has had an eating disorder herself.)  The idea blossomed and evolved over a year’s time as she had conversations with friends who worked in fields such as marketing, communications, and law; they each helped push her onward, asking important questions, offering valuable advice, and ultimately helping her to refine her idea.



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Mary Anne's picture
Hi Irvina! I view your blog every so often (when I have some free time) to see how your non-profit is growing. Congrats and best wishes in all you do! You inspire others with your strength, creativity and kindness.
Irvina's picture
Mary Anne! You're such a doll! Thank you for checking in! YOU inspire me! So weird, cause I was just talking about how much you love your Grandfather to a friend of mine! You have truly touched me with your love friend! xoxo


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