Programming Changes!

Hey Beautiful friends!

So guess what? Rewrite Beautiful spent 2011 having a whole lotta fun researching what our organization does BEST!  We have decided to focus on School Programs, Street Art Workshops and Outreach. Here is what we have in store for 2012:

SCHOOL PROGRAMS – Founder and Creative Director, Irvina Kanarek will be traveling to Junior Highs, High Schools and College campuses sharing Rewrite Beautiful’s message. Irvina shares her own eating disorder testimony, plays our Photo Documentary, holds a Q&A Panel and engages the students in creatively changing how they see beauty in themselves . Hugs included! If you would like to book a School Program please click HERE.

STREET ART WORKSHOPS - These workshops now include YOU! The workshops will be a place where Rewrite Beautiful supporters (Yep, YOU) can learn the Rewrite Beautiful vision, hear an eating disorder testimony, view our Photo Documentary and create Street Art which allows them to change how they see beauty in themselves. Best part? We have excellent art to create and snacks and it’s FREE! You have to admit all of that is pretty awesome! If you would like to sign-up to attend a Street Art Workshop please click HERE.

OUTREACH - Rewrite Beautiful partners with unique groups such as the Girl Scouts, City Community Centers and yes, even swanky Hollywood peeps in order to share our message with large audiences. We attend events, conventions and red carpet parties sharing our message with one person at a time. These are opportunities to network and share Rewrite Beautiful with individuals who otherwise would not get to attend a School Program or a Street Art Workshop. Our next Outreach event is with the City of Irvine. More details COMING SOON. 

Jeez that sounds like a lot huh? Well, it’s no fun doing it alone! If you want to Get Involved with Rewrite Beautiful we would love to meet you! Fill out a contact form HERE. Alright peeps I need a break! I’m off to get some grub with Jackie of Epic Timepieces!

You’re BEautiful!


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