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 Hey ya'll! I've been spending alot of time networking with people and trying to get the word out there about REWRITE BEAUTIFUL. I have found that when I explain that REWRITE BEAUTIFUL is changing how women see beauty in themselves using Street Art I hear an overwhelming amount of men say, "I wish you did this for boys too. We really need it. You would be surprised how many men struggle with body image issues."  

 Believe me, I know the stats state that there is 8 million people in the United States suffering from an Eating Disorder, and of that number 10% are men. (It's estimated that the percentage suffering that are men is far higher, but because of the old fashioned idea that this disease strikes only women, few men come forward to find the help they deserve.) Though at this time REWRITE BEAUTIFUL has our hands full just helping women change the way they see beauty in themselves we want to do something for the "Beautiful Boys" out there. We also hope to implement some programs for the lads once we get the programs rolling for all the the old saying goes, "Ladies first." ;)

In the meantime I'd like to give some props to some very awesome and "Beautiful" men who have helped REWRITE BEAUTIFUL over the past couple months. Without their donation of time and talents we might still be sitting on the idea and not in action. Just like women, beauty in men doesn't have to do with their bulging biceps, rock hard abs or chiseled face, BEAUTIFUL is found in the way they give of their time to charity, speak respectfully to their wives, run their business with honesty and live out their faith with humility. Yes these guys are all hansom but it’s who they are that makes them Beautiful People that we are proud to work with.

Ari Glick

Ari Glick of StudioAG

Ari is an artistic, sweet, coveted Graphic Designer from the Bay Area and does some gnarly work for the Golden State Warriors (and he's single ladies ;) Ari was kind enough to help us hash out a temporary Rewrite Beautiful Logo while we get the Rewrite Beautiful website created. To see more of his work visit his website at

Gary Winston

Gary Winston of ever/after

Gary and his wife Christy are rad clothing designers in the "Purchase with a Cause" industry in Newport Beach, California. They have started a new wave of California Sufer Cool baby clothes that give 25% of their proceeds to charities around the world. Gary is currently helping us figure out the logistics of making the REWRITE BEAUTIFUL T-Shirt line. A very down to earth guy for his level of accomplishment and expertise. Check out out

Jeff Gideon

Jeff Gideon  of  ROCKHarbor

I don't know anyone who meets Jeff and doesn't want to instanly be his BFF. Jeff is one of "Chief Operating Dudes" on the Communications Team at ROCKHarbor Church in Costa Mesa, CA. Jeff has helped sculpt the REWRITE BEAUTIFUL vision into something tangible that will actually change womens lives and he has put up with me and my huge Vision Boards and Run on sentences (It takes a saint!) Check out his work all over this website

John Clanton

John Clanton of The Art of Manlilness

John is an Engineer/Future Pastor/Networker/Rockstar in training! This man has pulled together photographers and web designers to make REWRITE BEAUTIFUL change the way women see beauty in themselves. A deep thinker and avid coffee drinker, John reminds us to enjoy all the work that goes with this campaign. Find John on:

Milan Rousset

Milan Rousset of Furniture From Home

Milan is an Entrepreneur and mentor extrodinnaire from Newport Beach, CA! He has helped immensely with making REWRITE BEAUTIFUL a professional and polished organization to our donors. No wonder his own business is such a success! Check out: 

Travis Uhl








Travis Uhl of Furniture From Home Travis is that Christian surfer dude who just ripped a wave in your face in Newport Beach, CA...he makes up for his antics by being our paintbrush counting Accountant. Travis has helped form the REWRITE BEAUTIFUL budget for the next 3 years and hashed out legal jibber jabber with our buddies over at Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher. Check out some of Travis other "bean counting" ventures at :

Posted: May 24, 2010


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