Thanks 4 the love Element Eden!

Thanks to our generous donor Tobias McGuire, we held a rad school program with the kids at MIKA Community Development Center! We are always so encouraged by the support of our community with these programs. We couldn't have pulled off this program with out the help of our donors, volunteers, photographers and now, even a clothing line - Element Eden! Element Eden is a rad So Cal clothing company that highlights Eden Advocates. Women who are visionary, whose stories exude creativity, passion and social awareness. From artists, to musicians, humanitarians and social activists. They were kind enough to tell their fans and readers about Rewrite Beautiful on their blog, Facebook and Twitter feed! They even sent me over this fun, creative, Element Eden dress! I rocked it at the MIKA school program. Thanks for keeping me clothed Element Eden! I'm glad to know you have the Rewrite Beautiful back (figuratively and literally ;)


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