A very Rewrite Beautiful Birthday!

One of my favorite people in the whole wide world is the creative, friendly, girly, trend setter, 4 year old Ever. In just 4 years of life Ever has not only inspired the Rewrite Beautiful vision, but she also has inspired her parents to start ever/after. ever/after is a clothing line that gives 25% of each garment to the charity of your choice. If homegirl is doing this much at 4, who knows what she’s going to do at 14, 24 or 34, right?

That’s why her mom Christy and I decided to get this little empire builder on the right track of knowing what being beautiful is really about! Just from meeting new kids Ever has heard the clique message that being beautiful is being pretty, wearing your hair down, blah, blah, blah …So we decided the most fun, coolest way to teach her and her friends that beauty is really in your actions of creativity, kindness and strength was to give her a Rewrite Beautiful Birthday Party!

What I did was model the birthday party off of our Street Art Workshops. I brought some examples of what makes Cinderella beautiful. Yeah, Cinderella has great taste in shoes and chokers, but what make us love Cinderella is she was strong, kind, patient, faithful and a good sister!

I then pulled out a poster board of paper and had Ever sit on it.

I asked the kids, “If being strong makes Cinderella beautiful what makes Ever beautiful?

The kids all shouted out what made her beautiful,

“Ever is a good friend! “

“Ever shares!”

“Ever is funny!”

“Ever is good at art!”

I then wrote everything the kids said made Ever beautiful on her poster in oil pastel.

We had all the kids do this process and get the opportunity to hear what actions make each of them beautiful

(or in the boys cases, strong.)

Afterward we brought out the water color paint and encouraged the kids to get creative with their posters.

It is the sweetest thing to see kids for the first time grasp the concept of what truly makes us beautiful as people.

If you would like to host a Rewrite Beautiful Birthday Party for your child, we have some more fun ideas HERE! Be sure to email us pics of your party! As we love to hear how our message is spreading!

Have your kids already been given the wrong message of what makes them beautiful?

What are your methods to rewrite beautiful in your home?

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What a fantastic idea! I wish they'd had these when I was a little girl.
Kensington's picture
What a fantastic idea! I wish they'd had these when I was a little girl.


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